Styling Services

Hi there! 

Prior to opening Copper & Lace, I worked in corporate America but I also had a side job as a personal shopper and stylist. My passion for fashion and my days as a stylist is what led me to Copper & Lace. 

I know how daunting fashion can be. It's always changing! It's easy to fall in a rut of wearing the same thing over and over again because you are unsure of where to shop or how to put together an outfit. Getting up every morning and struggling to get dressed should not be the worst part of your day. 

I've put together a list of services below outlining how I can help you! Seeing a woman look in the mirror and smile, is the reason I do what I do. For me, there is nothing better! My goal for this business is to build long lasting relationships with my customers and clients and to help you discover your unique brand! Whether you have just gone through a body transformation, have an exciting event on the horizon, or are heading back to the workplace and have no clue what business attire is, I'm here for you. I promise to make this a fun and educational experience! 

Wardrobe Consult:

This is what it's all about! We will get to the bottom of your personal style! We will have a 1:1 meeting so I can start to understand what is practical for everyday attire. I will work with your existing wardrobe to show you different ways to style a single item. We will add a personal shopping trip to try some new things as well. I'll curate a personalized lookbook that you can reference over and over again.

Special Occasion Styling:

Ever spend so much money on family photos to get them back to feel disappointed with the outfit choices? Ever been to a wedding to feel lack luster in the same black dress you've worn to every other wedding? Special Occasion Styling is my favorite and I'm here to help you feel and look your best for all of those big moments. We will have a 1:1 meeting to discuss the occasion and plan a personal shopping trip!

Seasonal Virtual Styling:

Virtual Styling is a concept that has been proven by big companies. I think it falls short because you don't interact with the stylist. This is where I'm different! As we welcome a new season, we will meet and discuss your plans for the upcoming quarter. Then, I'll curate an online lookbook of 8-10 looks with links tailored to your size, climate, and personal style. It's then up to you to choose what to buy! 

Personal Shopping: 

I understand some people love shopping and some people hate it. I'm happy to personal shop with you OR for you!

Shop with you: We will hit the ground running together! I can educate on what styles and fits are the most flattering for you. I keep up to date on the trendiest boutiques and where the sales are at!

Shop for you: I'm happy to do this for you! We will have a 1:1 meeting to discuss the goal and budget and i'll head out to find the perfect pieces!